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Ralph Block

Visited this place on our first night in Venice, it was quite close to the flat we rented. Didn’t have a reservation, but we showed up right at 18:30 opening and were able to get a table for 2. Setting was cozy, food was delicious.

7 Jun 2016

Jane Seymour

The meal we had at Antico Giardinetto was perfect in almost every way. It’s nestled in a little alley way off the beat path.

14 Aug 2016

Antonio Hurtado de Mendoza

Our hotel made us reservations for our anniversary, so we were seated in the smaller, more intimate room, which was nice. The service was great and so was our food.

14 Sep 2016

Maxwell Anderson

This is my first review because the food was so amazingly good we actually offered to take the chef with us to Dubai! You have to try this restaurant! It’s mouthwatering.

1 Aug 2016

Michael Leunig

The food was excellent and the service was the best we’ve experienced in Venice so far. We’ll definitely come back to try out more of the dishes!

14 Aug 2016

George Sands

We only discovered this fabulous authentic restaurant, new the Rialto Bridge, on our last night but it was a perfect way to remember the great hospitality wonderful simple food and excellent service and welcome.

14 Aug 2016

Ellie Goulding

We were staying in Venice for a week and did some research on a local restaurant near our apartment. What a find this was.

14 Aug 2016


Tucked away down a little lane, it is not easy to find, but worth a serious try! The food is outstanding: I started with a raw fish platter, totally fresh and delicious.

14 Aug 2016

Jane Seymour

Delicious food, nice atmosphere and both friendly and competent service – just perfect. We will definitely come back.

14 Aug 2016

Gary Jones

Having had a rather rough first day in Venice due to an unexpectedly unpleasant hotel we searched carefully for a nice dinner to salvage our start to the holiday. This place was little, tucked away from the crowds and the food was delicious! And very prompt and kind service.

14 Aug 2016

Sarah Brown

The restaurant is a charming place to relax and savour delicious meals especially the seafood. Service was impeccable , best in Italy we had so far – we could not fault anything.

14 Aug 2016


We really enjoyed this place and had a great dinner here. Its a small restaurant with a nice courtyard in front and is run by a husband and wife team with the wife serving and the husband doing the cooking.

14 Aug 2016

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